Where is my Spiritual Support?

Posted November 4th, 2015 by lexa and filed in Guided Writings

12:16 p.m. I am sure that everyone has the kind of spiritual support group that they need. I hope you can take a minute and check in to see what your group is.

I have made a lot on changes in my life around work/career because I was guided to do so by my Spiritual Support Group, (my spirit guides) They made it very clear that it was time to let go of my gift basket company and go full throttle with readings, teaching, and  guided meditation CD’s. I agreed to give up the gift basket company on their promise of financial support. Well, it looks like my idea of financial support and my Spirit Guides are different. I have been a little miffed that the money I think I need to go further with advertising and mass producing the CD’s has not come in. I decided to have a talk with my Spirit Guides to find out what is going on.

My question: Where’s that support you promised?

Spirit Guides: You are so supported it is not even funny, you have set up a phenomenal support group that we have shown you, you have a guide for marketing, legal, advertising, writing, and every other area you need a guide for, even one that makes you take time for yourself. There is a grand design for the difference you and the others working with you are making in the world, and the design has many players and many lives’s to reach. If you had the money to do the things you want you would put your energy into that instead of doing what you need to do right now. The time you think you have to get stuff done now, is actually time for you to rest and get ready for the ride of your life. The world is shifting into a new level of spirituality and everyone is starting to feel the change. Some feel it as uncomfortable, things may not be going as well as they would like and some find they can be peaceful. You are finding the peace, it is not stagnation, it is a time for you to be quiet and go within. Go put your feet in the ocean, you have seen that many times in readings for others and knew it was for you too. Give yourself permission to do nothing and know that you are supported to the fullest for your highest and best interest!

2 Responses to “Where is my Spiritual Support?”

  1. Jennifer R says:

    This so speaks to me directly as well and everything you have told me I need to do for myself right now…. It is scary thing to do, especially with our personalities, but they have never steered us wrong before!

    I am also here for you and willing to do anything you need in terms of the business factor of marketing, advertising, strategy, development and so on…

  2. Tracy West says:

    No certainly that message was for ME! (I wanna put my feet in the ocecan.) Because, like you, i feel like my life is stagnat. So, im going with, i must be restin up for the ride of my life. Hmm, maybe well be on that same ride together? xo