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Restraint 3:00 p.m.

I am happy to report that now that I am doing these guided writings on a semi regular basis, my Spirit Guides have stopped waking me up in the middle of the night. It is so much easier to live our lives if we follow spirits lead and don’t make them push us. It only took me 48 year to wrap my brain around that, and even still I question them sometimes. I am hoping to get to a point where I stop questioning and just do!

I had several topics on my mind today, but they say no. So I ask, “What is today’s topic? And I sit quietly and wait for the answer to come through…

Spirit Guides: Today’s topic is restraint. (Here I go thinking great, another lesson I haven’t figured out yet, I am going to let that go down my grounding cord so I can go on…)  Restraint is a very important habit to develop. Allowing yourself to have the awareness of where to keep your mouth shut and where to open it is a very important part of the human process. It is true that you cannot make someone feel bad by what you say. But you can be sensitive to things they are not yet ready to see or learn about themselves even if you see clearly that they need to learn it. This does not mean not to stand up for yourself, do let people know when they cross boundaries with you. It means you need to get clarity within yourself if someone is ready to hear something about themselves or not. For example: You have a friend that always talks to loud no matter where you are, even at the movies and you want to tell them to tone down their voice. This may be a person who has a very hard time allowing themselves to talk at all (whether it looks like it on the surface or not to you) and the only way they can get words out is by force which makes their  voice loud. If you tell them they have to be quiet when they talk, it may shut them down completely. When you have a issue with someone’s behavior, take a moment to ask your inner self, or your spirit guides theses questions:

  1. Is this person ready to hear what I want to tell them?
  2. What can I do to be able to allow this behavior without it bothering me?

The gift for you if you cannot share, is raising your capacity to be all loving and allow them to be who they are without being upset.

Spend Time With Others

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12:25 p.m.

I have taken a moment to sit quietly with my eyes closed and connect with my guides, I ask what today’s topic is and my my guides say today’s topic is taking time to be with family and friends. They will take it from here.

Spirit Guides:  We want to remind you that one of the main reasons you choose as a spirit to use a human body to get learn your lessons is to be around other humans. If you choose to spend your time alone or with only a few select people, you will not learn your lessons as quickly as if you spend time with many, One of the main reasons humans don’t interact with larger number of people is because it can be emotionally hard. Dealing with others brings up all kinds of fears and frustrations.

For example: Meeting new people can bring up the fear: what if they don’t like me? Having that fear brought up to the surface is awesome, it gives you an opportunity to look at why you feel like someone would not like you, and let that belief go. It will help you get to a higher place of unconditional love.

Another example is people who frustrate you. Maybe they are always late or say or do weird things, this gives you a chance to look inward to see why what they do is bugging you and why you are judging instead of accepting them. As you look inward to find the reasons, you will be able to let them go and be more accepting and loving.

Hence, being around others opens you to see things you need to grow.

What is My Purpose

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8:41 a.m.

I am still pondering on yesterday’s question, what can I give life today? And I start to wonder, what is my purpose? Anybody else ever wonder that? So I pose this question to my spirit guides, how do we know what our purpose is?

Spirit Guides: We thought you would never ask. So many people make finding their purpose so hard, it becomes their lives quest. The answer is simple. All human beings purpose is to work towards finding unconditional love for yourself and others and share that love along the way! Unconditional love means NO judgment of anyone, yourself, family, friends, and strangers. It is so easy to look at someone’s life and think, he should get a job, she should lose some weight, that couple should be nicer to each other. Those are all judgments, it means you are not accepting people for who they are and where they are along their path to unconditional love, which means you probably judge yourself and don’t accept you for who you are. If you were “perfect” and had achieved unconditional love, your spirit would not need to me in a human body. The best thing you can do when you have those judgments about others and yourself is to say to yourself, they/I am learning what they/I need to learn and are where they/I need to be with their/my growth.

If you have signed up for a bigger purpose in this life through loving unconditionally that purpose will surface, you will know beyond a shadow of a doubt what your next step is.

You cal always sit down close your eyes and invite your spirit guides in to talk about your life and where it is going!

How Can You Spread Love?

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How good would it feel to know that every person who you came in contact with loved you? How good does it feel to have a complete stranger say, “You look great today?” Does that put a little skip in your step? How can you give others a little skip in their step?

How about deciding to give everyone you see, including the kid who bags your groceries, a compliment? If you are looking to tell someone something nice, you are looking at the good, instead of judging the bad. You are instantly in a higher vibrational state when looking at the good. Receiving a compliment also takes you to a higher vibrational state or simply put, makes you feel good. By giving out one compliment you can change the entire day, or even the life, of someone else. Who knows, you might just give love to someone who was ready to end it all…

Are you Judging Others?

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It is so easy to look at someone and feel like you know what they need
to make their lives better. Is this judgment? Is it possible to look
at someone and not see their flaws—the things that we think they should change?

Spirit Guides: Not judging others is a huge part of unconditional love. If you loved someone unconditionally, if you were able to let them be just who they are and just where they are on their life path, there would be no judgment. We ask you: why it is important to you to see others make the changes that you feel they need to make? Could you be looking at them the way you do yourself? Could you be not feeling good enough about where you are on your journey?

How would you feel if we told you that you are perfect exactly as you are? What if we said that if you did not change or accomplish one more thing in this life, you are perfect? This is true; spirit knows that you are perfect. If you were to die today, spirit would meet you on the other side and say “You are perfect. You are loved unconditionally. You are completely accepted and supported.”

We challenge you to start looking at yourself and others as perfect. Knowing that you are perfect just as you are does not mean you will stop doing things you like and want to do. It does not mean you will lose your drive to create. Knowing and accepting that you are perfect will make the road smoother, and with fewer potholes to fall into or maneuver around. Allowing yourself to accept that you are perfect, just as you are, is the best gift you can give yourself.

Becoming All You Can Be is Becoming Unconditional Love

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Spirit Guides:  Today is perhaps the most important day of your life.Today may be the day you choose to become all you can be. Today may be the day you decide to let go of everything that holds you down and go forward with ease. Today may be the day you become the real you. What would it take to be the real you? Would it take moving off to another country to get away from everything that weighs you down or quitting a job you don’t like? No, you can be the real you, the spirit and human body blend simply by deciding that you are going to enjoy every single moment as it stands, and that you are going to accept people for who they are and not try to change them. How do I do this, you ask? You do this by simply deciding to do it. Making the decision to enjoy your life and accept others as they are is the biggest part of doing it. Thereafter, it is a simple reminder to yourself that you don’t judge others or yourself, you simply enjoy. Becoming all you can be is becoming unconditional love, and this is the quickest way we can share with you to get there. We are always there to support you, if you get frustrated take a minute to talk to your Spirit Guides, so that they can help you get back on track.

Giving Back

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Thank you to all of you who made it to my Spirit Guides & Angels Workshop. I was truly honored by your presence and hope that you continue to be in communication with your Spirit Guides. I would love to hear your experiences of connecting with your Guides and with what happens with them in the future!

My Guides have been poking at me to sit down at the keyboard and let them talk about giving back…

Spirit Guides: We know that even if you are not yet finding everything you want in your life, that you do see some wonderful creations, gifts and miracles. We would like for you to connect with how good it feels to have something you want come to you and ask yourselves, “How can I pass this feeling along to someone else?” What are you doing to give back to the universe that is so good to you? This does not mean that you need to give up hours and hours of your time to volunteer at a soup kitchen. If volunteering for something like that calls you, of course, enjoy spending your time volunteering that way. We are also talking about simple every day things, making a call to someone you know is lonely, taking soup to a sick friend, or sending $20 to someone you know who needs it. This giving back should come from the heart, not doing so that you get good stuff in return, and not bragging about what you do to help. See what happens when you give back and keep it just between you and God. You will feel better about your life as you become a silent Good Samaritan. What can you do today to make a difference for someone else?

How to stop being let down by other people.

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It is cold and rainy here is sunny southern California. I have a big pot of beef stew on the stove smelling great while I let my guides give us some new info…  (I am going to try my hand at dumplings on top of the stew when I am finished here.)

At one time or another everyone feels let down by people in their lives.  I started thinking that we can’t be let down if we don’t have expectations of them. However, how the heck do we keep from having expectations?

Spirit Guides: You are on the right track here. There are times when you need other people to help you in your life, and quite often, humans do not ask for help. They expect the people in their lives to know what they need and expect them to meet their needs. So for starters, let people know when you do have expectations or they will fail and you will be hurt.

When you do have an expectation that is not serving you, one thing to do is to look at what need you have that is not being met and why you think you need this need met through a particular person. As you look at this need, you may start to realize that this is something you already hold within you and may find you don’t need outside help at all.

Being able to let go of expectations and accept people the exact way they are at the exact moment is possible. You will have a hard time letting go of your expectations of others if you think or say things like, “I would never treat them that way,” or “My friend Suzy would never act like that.” With thought like this you have moved into comparing and judging. Letting judgment go, will help you let the expectation go. Whenever you have an expectation, you can tell yourself that you are deciding not to have any expectations for this person and if they do something more than the normal, see it as a gift.  You can use your grounding cord to send the expectation down, or put the expectation in a rose and destroy the rose. Making the conscious decision to let the expectation go is the first step that will lead into less and less expectations and away from further disappointments.

Realizing When You Are Not In Need

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4:06 p.m.

Sorry it has been so long, we went out of town for a few days for my husband’s job. I read part of Doreen Virtues, Goddesses and Angles books while on our trip. I derived a lot of great spiritual information from it. She tells a story about getting upset when we feel we are in need, and that if we can realize that we are not in need, and can look to see that we are really o.k. we won’t get upset, and that if we can be aware when others are upset, that they are just feeling in need, it will help us understand them better.  She also talks about loving everyone unconditionally.

On the flight home, I had a woman sitting next to me with a neck rest and head phones in place who was leaned up against the window with her eyes closed when we took our seats. My first thought when I saw her was that is a big girl and she is partly in my seat. (Her being in my seat did not seem fair to me, but I realized she had no where else to put herself.)  As our five hour flight continued, she would stir a little and shift herself to be more in my chair so that she could be more slanted to lean on the window and be more comfortable. Needless to say, this upset me, I would move over closer to my husband and decide to enjoy being closer to him. About the fourth shift I was pissed. I asked myself why I was so mad. Myself said, “This is my chair and it is not fair of her to be taking some of my space.” My mind jumped to Doreen Virtue’s book and her saying that we get upset when we feel we are in need.  I realized that I was feeling in need, that I did not feel I had enough of what was mine. As I looked at the situation, I knew that I had enough room, it was not that uncomfortable. The other thing fresh on my mind was loving everyone  unconditionally, no matter who they are and what they are doing. (Which is not as easy as you might think.) So I asked myself, if this were a friend or family member that I loved, what would I do in this situation. I knew that I would move over even further to make room for them to rest. So I decided to work on trying to love everyone equally and move over to give her more room. Having Doreen Virtue’s story fresh on my mind, helped me with this situation. I asked my Spirit Guides how I can keep myself in the awareness of seeing when I am feeling need and continuing to love everyone unconditionally. Here is what they said:

Spirit Guides: We can help you remember to make the effort to love everyone unconditionally; all you have to do is ask us to remind you. We can also help you remember to be aware of your feeling of need, again, just ask. It is our job to help you with your spiritual growth. We can help you with anything you want, simply ASK.