How to Get Unstuck

Posted October 13th, 2015 by lexa and filed in Guided Writings
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9:45 a.m. Time to write.

Spirit Guides: When you get stuck and can’t move forward, how can you figure out what is sticking you so that you can move on? Sometimes it feels like there is glue on your feet and you can’t move, some of those days seem like they would be better off spent in bed. Sometimes, you feel like you are in slow motion and moving through mud. Days like these can be very draining on your energy.  When you come to the realization that you are not moving or not moving freely, take a minute to sit down, close your eyes and talk to your spiritual support group. In your minds eye see or imagine a place to meet your spiritual guides. See or imagine that you are in that place and invite your guides to join you. The more you do this, the easier it will become to know and understand what they are telling you. They know what is going on. Ask them to show you what is holding you up. The more questions you ask the more answers you will receive. You might want to make a list of questions to ask before you sit down to talk to them. Your spirit guides get huge growth out of helping you, you are doing them a favor by calling on them. You might be surprised by some of the answers you get.