Doing It Right

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2:36 p.m.

It is a beautiful, windy day in Southern California, I feel great and can’t wait to hear what my guides have to say, so I sit quietly with my eyes closed and ask the big question, what do you guys want to talk about today?

Spirit Guides: Today we want to talk about “Doing it right”. So many spirits are looking for the right way to learn their spiritual lessons.  The great news for everyone is that there is not a right or wrong way to be spiritual. As you set about learning your lessons you have many choices to choose from for each individual lesson.  Just as there are many different tools to choose from to dig a hole, whichever tool you choose, will work, it is just a different approach to the same thing. When you have new opportunities in front of you, like you have three different choices for a new job, there is no right or wrong. You will learn the same lessons you set out to do differently through all the jobs. Some people get so worried about making the wrong choice, that they make no choice at all, DON’T let this happen to you, pick a direction and go! The right choice is going forward, it does not matter which path you pick, just pick one and know that you are getting what you need, that you cannot make a wrong choice.

Spend Time With Others

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12:25 p.m.

I have taken a moment to sit quietly with my eyes closed and connect with my guides, I ask what today’s topic is and my my guides say today’s topic is taking time to be with family and friends. They will take it from here.

Spirit Guides:  We want to remind you that one of the main reasons you choose as a spirit to use a human body to get learn your lessons is to be around other humans. If you choose to spend your time alone or with only a few select people, you will not learn your lessons as quickly as if you spend time with many, One of the main reasons humans don’t interact with larger number of people is because it can be emotionally hard. Dealing with others brings up all kinds of fears and frustrations.

For example: Meeting new people can bring up the fear: what if they don’t like me? Having that fear brought up to the surface is awesome, it gives you an opportunity to look at why you feel like someone would not like you, and let that belief go. It will help you get to a higher place of unconditional love.

Another example is people who frustrate you. Maybe they are always late or say or do weird things, this gives you a chance to look inward to see why what they do is bugging you and why you are judging instead of accepting them. As you look inward to find the reasons, you will be able to let them go and be more accepting and loving.

Hence, being around others opens you to see things you need to grow.

Where is my Spiritual Support?

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12:16 p.m. I am sure that everyone has the kind of spiritual support group that they need. I hope you can take a minute and check in to see what your group is.

I have made a lot on changes in my life around work/career because I was guided to do so by my Spiritual Support Group, (my spirit guides) They made it very clear that it was time to let go of my gift basket company and go full throttle with readings, teaching, and  guided meditation CD’s. I agreed to give up the gift basket company on their promise of financial support. Well, it looks like my idea of financial support and my Spirit Guides are different. I have been a little miffed that the money I think I need to go further with advertising and mass producing the CD’s has not come in. I decided to have a talk with my Spirit Guides to find out what is going on.

My question: Where’s that support you promised?

Spirit Guides: You are so supported it is not even funny, you have set up a phenomenal support group that we have shown you, you have a guide for marketing, legal, advertising, writing, and every other area you need a guide for, even one that makes you take time for yourself. There is a grand design for the difference you and the others working with you are making in the world, and the design has many players and many lives’s to reach. If you had the money to do the things you want you would put your energy into that instead of doing what you need to do right now. The time you think you have to get stuff done now, is actually time for you to rest and get ready for the ride of your life. The world is shifting into a new level of spirituality and everyone is starting to feel the change. Some feel it as uncomfortable, things may not be going as well as they would like and some find they can be peaceful. You are finding the peace, it is not stagnation, it is a time for you to be quiet and go within. Go put your feet in the ocean, you have seen that many times in readings for others and knew it was for you too. Give yourself permission to do nothing and know that you are supported to the fullest for your highest and best interest!

What Can I Give Life Today

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10:30 a.m.

I LOVE how spirit works. Last night I was reading my favorite book: You are the Answer by Michael Tamura and came across a phrase that really resounded with me. Michael says our spiritual growth will rocket when we stop asking, what can life give me today? and start asking, “WHAT CAN I GIVE LIFE TODAY?”

I figured it would be the topic for today’s guided writing. What I did not know is that it was preparing me to help someone I dearly love. I have changed the names (to protect the innocent).

This email was the first one waiting for me this  morning:

I don’t know where the word “blog” came from, but you have a very nice “BLOG”! I’m definitely enjoying your daily word, but I feel like the things you are relating are things I’ve already got! Is there something wrong with me for not having any ill feelings about my life? I don’t know if its because David has grown and gone, or maybe because I’ve had such traumatic  experiences in the past nothing can seem to “get me” anymore. (Thank you Jesus!) Sitting here writing this to you, the only negativity I sense is I feel stuck, like my life is on hold or something. I’m not thinking that’s a bad thing, maybe just a time for healing. I’m at the highest level of peacefulness I think I’ve ever experienced. Do you think I’m in denial or should I just sit back and wait for my life to unfold……I love ya, and so look forward to reading your daily messages. xoxo

This is the reply I sent to her:

Spirit says: Yes, you have found peace and it came through some very hard lessons, great job! Under the peace which you can always have is fear. Fear that if you try something new it will be sabotaged, it won’t be, you got the wake up call you needed, it won’t happen again. It is time to ask “WHAT CAN I GIVE LIFE TODAY?”  As you ask this and mean it, you will be able to get unstuck; spirit will guide you to help yourself and others in ways you have not even dreamed possible. Dear sweet Katie, you can do anything, you are a powerful woman, and you KNOW that you are here to make a difference. Please give yourself permission to start, we love and support you, you are never alone! We ask you, “WHAT CAN YOU GIVE LIFE TODAY

Lexa: So I ask myself and everyone else, WHAT CAN WE GIVE LIFE TODAY?

Asking For Spiritual Support

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11:23 a.m.

I am always amazed at the different places spirit provides us with support.

Our sweet little 3.2 pound Chihuahua Maverick, started coughing this morning and could not quit. Knowing that he has tiny little lungs that cannot handle having fluid in them, I took him directly to the vet. As I waited, I picked up a magazine with Dolly Parton on the cover. The quote I had time to read from her before we got called into the exam room was this: “I pray everyday for God to send the right people and take the wrong people” I felt I needed to go home and let my guides talk to me about her prayer. By the way, Maverick is on an antibiotic and something to dry up the fluid. He is feeling better already and the coughing has slowed down.

Spirit Guides:  We love this request to send the right people into your life and take the wrong ones out. We hope that everyone would ask for this kind of support, AND ACCEPT IT. So many people can’t let go of the “wrong” people from their lives. There are a variety of reasons people hold onto the wrong people. They have talked themselves into believing that they need these people. There might be a fear of being along, you are never alone, you are always supported by the love and light of spirit. They might be in an abusive relationship that they just know will get better. They have known it for 5 years, but it just isn’t getting better. Instead of seeing the person for what they truly are in the present, they see their potential. Just because you can see someone’s potential does not mean they can reach it.  If you are in a relationship like this, it is time to take a good look at the truth and allow yourself to move on. Other people feel the need to heal. They keep the wrong people around to fix them. You can’t fix or heal someone who is not ready. It wastes your time and keeps you from your growth. Take a serious look at who you are trying to heal. Are they ready or is it time to let them move on so you can do what you need to do and not stay stuck with them. There are a lot of parents out there trying to help their adult children, by taking care of things for them. We want you to look to see if you are helping or hindering. If you know that you have the wrong people in your life, sit quietly, talk to God about it and see what you need to do to let them go. As you let go of the “wrong people” you open up room for the “right” people. People who will support and help you to grow and find peace.

How to Get Unstuck

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9:45 a.m. Time to write.

Spirit Guides: When you get stuck and can’t move forward, how can you figure out what is sticking you so that you can move on? Sometimes it feels like there is glue on your feet and you can’t move, some of those days seem like they would be better off spent in bed. Sometimes, you feel like you are in slow motion and moving through mud. Days like these can be very draining on your energy.  When you come to the realization that you are not moving or not moving freely, take a minute to sit down, close your eyes and talk to your spiritual support group. In your minds eye see or imagine a place to meet your spiritual guides. See or imagine that you are in that place and invite your guides to join you. The more you do this, the easier it will become to know and understand what they are telling you. They know what is going on. Ask them to show you what is holding you up. The more questions you ask the more answers you will receive. You might want to make a list of questions to ask before you sit down to talk to them. Your spirit guides get huge growth out of helping you, you are doing them a favor by calling on them. You might be surprised by some of the answers you get.

Take Time to be Spiritual

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8:00 a.m.  I thought I was going to sleep in.

Spirit Guides:  Why people don’t take time to do the spiritual work they crave. They always feel better when they take time to meditate or read something uplifting. The ego plays a large role in keeping you from spiritual growth. I can do it myself is something we hear all the time. Well, guess what, you can’t do it yourself. We are all connected on a spiritual level, you are never alone, you cannot be alone no matter how hard you try. We all came from God and are connected to him no matter what we do. He loves us unconditionally and continues to feed us with his love even when we don’t realize it or choose to accept it. Becoming aware that you are trying to do it all yourself is a great thing to realize. You can then allow yourself to start asking for and accepting help. Thinking that you don’t have time to sit quietly with God is another part of the ego. You get so caught up in what you think you need to get done, things to get your needs met, that you put them first. If you would take time to sit quietly and talk with God, not talk to or listen to, but have some real conversations with God, your priorities might change, you not feel the need to keep doing some of the things you were driven to do to feed your ego. Those things may drop off your list of importance. Taking time to sit with God allows his love to feed and nurture us more deeply, it allows us to feel the connection, knowing that you are supported and loved no matter what is very important to the human being.

Releasing Religious Programming

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It is the Monday morning after Easter and I hope you all had a great holiday.  We sure did, we went to my favorite BBQ place (Red’s BBQ in Simi Valley) for the classic Easter BBQ rib dinner and ate way too much! I don’t have an agenda and am curious to see what my guides have to say.

Spirit Guides: We love what religious holidays like Easter bring up in people in the way of religious programming whether this past lives.  Whether you start processing the programming on a conscious or semi-conscious level, it does come up around these kinds of celebrations. Bringing the old beliefs that are not yours to the surface and releasing them is a wonderful way to get down to more of who you are and to more of your truth of what Spirit or God is. Now that this programming has been stirred up, we suggest you take a few minutes to sit down and allow the old programming to release. Create an energetic grounding cord that connects to the base of your spin and the center of the earth and is hollow, kind of like a pipe. Allow the old programming to release anywhere you are holding onto it and flow down your grounding cord into the center of the earth. (You can learn more about a grounding cord and how to use it on Lexa’s CD, Finding Peace & Harmony). Once you have started the release of the old programming, you will find that your spiritual connection or relationship takes a huge leap into being more solid. You will find that it is easier to trust your intuition and easier to take the steps you want to take to make your life even more fulfilling.

How You Can Help Connect the Whole.

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Ha Ha, I got to go to the Dentist today, I know you are all jealous!  I am looking forward to seeing what my guides have to say today…

Spirit Guides: Good morning Lexa and all. It has been a few days and we miss talking with you. Lexa we enjoyed going to the Conscious Life Expo with you and are happy to see the growing number of people becoming Conscious of Spirit. We know we have talked before about connecting with Spirit on a regular basis and just want to send out a nudge to remind you to take a few minutes a day to sit with your Spirit Guides in meditation. By connecting with Spirit in a meditative state, you clear energy to help others feel the connection or at least start to open to their connection. The connection with Spirit is individual as well as universal. As you connect with spirit you connect with the all. You connect to the oneness that keeps every being connected. If you imagine a huge spider web with energy running through each thread, you can get an idea of the connectedness. As you look at that spider web, see where you fit in this huge consciousness and see how bright your energy looks compared to other beings on the web. The brighter your light, the more helpful you are being at connecting the whole. You can meditate, pray for peace or send love through your heart out into the world to make your light brighter. We urge you to give to yourself and to others by taking time to make a difference. You will be amazed at how much easier your life becomes.

How to prepare for 2012

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It is Wednesday morning and I slept in a little since I teach class on Tuesday nights. For my students who read this, thanks for the great classes. You guys are awesome, you make my life so much better!

Spirit Guides: We want to talk today about what you are doing to prepare for 2012 and the years that follow.  People will experience the more open spiritual energy of 2012 on different levels, depending on their own level of spiritual connectedness.  A large amount of the veil between earth and spirit will be removed, since humanity on the whole is ready for a deeper connection and is at a point they can handle it. The more you are connected before the shift, the more you will connect with the shift to move to your next level of connection with spirit. Here are some things you can do to deepen your connection:

  • Read or listen to books on spirituality
  • Sit quietly to connect with your spiritual support group and talk to them about your future
  • Spend time with your favorite spiritual people, by surrounding yourself with high vibration people you automatically match their vibration to move yours up
  • Do some philanthropy work, as you do this you bring spirit closer to you, you become more of what spirit is
  • Do something fun with your human body, it helps you be more connected with the earth to be able to feel the shift
  • Try something new, stepping out of your comfort zone helps you own more of who you are

Bottom line, the deeper your spiritual connection now, the way deeper your connection will be in 2012.

Note from Lexa: My favorite spiritual book is You Are The Answer, by Michael Tamura.  Everyone I know who has read it, loves it. You can purchase You Are The Answer at

You can be guided through working with your Spirit Guides and Angels in my Guided Meditation CD or MP3 Communicating With Your Spirit Guides & Angels that you can find at , if you check it out, I would love your feedback!!!