Spend Time With Others

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12:25 p.m.

I have taken a moment to sit quietly with my eyes closed and connect with my guides, I ask what today’s topic is and my my guides say today’s topic is taking time to be with family and friends. They will take it from here.

Spirit Guides:  We want to remind you that one of the main reasons you choose as a spirit to use a human body to get learn your lessons is to be around other humans. If you choose to spend your time alone or with only a few select people, you will not learn your lessons as quickly as if you spend time with many, One of the main reasons humans don’t interact with larger number of people is because it can be emotionally hard. Dealing with others brings up all kinds of fears and frustrations.

For example: Meeting new people can bring up the fear: what if they don’t like me? Having that fear brought up to the surface is awesome, it gives you an opportunity to look at why you feel like someone would not like you, and let that belief go. It will help you get to a higher place of unconditional love.

Another example is people who frustrate you. Maybe they are always late or say or do weird things, this gives you a chance to look inward to see why what they do is bugging you and why you are judging instead of accepting them. As you look inward to find the reasons, you will be able to let them go and be more accepting and loving.

Hence, being around others opens you to see things you need to grow.

How this began…

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I was awakened several night in a row with a message in my head to get up and type, I kept fighting it and finally on October 8, 2009 at 1:45 a.m. and this is what I heard in my head from my Spirit Guides and typed:

Spirit Guides, “It is time to quit fighting us on this book.”

Me, “I am here now so quit scolding me.”

Spirit Guides: , “You are ready to do this, you have everything you need to know on a physical level and us to take you through this. You can keep cleaning closets and thinking of things to do so you don’t have to face this, but you signed up to do this before you took a human body and we will keep reminding you.”

Me, “ Fine! I give, I am ready and committed. What is the first step.”

Spirit Guides:  They laugh and say “Your in step one. Step two is setting aside the time to do it. If we wake you up in the night, please hop up and write, you have just received information and it will come through very easily. We promise to give you the energy you need to get through the day.”  If we ask you to get up in the night to write, please hop up and do it. You have been given info and it will come through easily and effortlessly at the time you are not fully awake. We will give you the energy you need for the day ahead of you. Otherwise, set aside 30 minutes a day to write. You will find you like it and spend much more time at it than 30 minutes. You must do this religiously, we know you have an issue with that word and that is why we used it, part of what you are doing will help other people who issues with religion get beyond them so that they can connect with their spiritual self.”

Today’s lesson is about self worth. Everyone was created to be confident in them selves with no ego. When you are born into a human body, your spirit is given the gift of starting again. You get to learn new ways of unconditional love with each life you live. Lexa, you are working on the forgiveness part of unconditional love in this lifetime and yes, you can thank your mother for providing you with the pain that is needed to really get to a place of forgiveness. To really understand forgiveness, you have to experience some things that seem really, really awful to you. If someone steps on your toes it is pretty easy to forgive them because it does not cause that much pain. To be able to go inside yourself and let go of being hurt and angry takes a lot of strength when someone hurts you to the core. To move out of being a victim and move into owning that you have the power to forgive and let go, is a huge step in spiritual growth, and it is not necessarily easy. You will find that the more you allow yourself to let go of the pain and anger, the easier the forgiveness is.  A great step or starting point to move into forgiveness, is to ground and release the pain and anger down your grounding cord. For people who run earth and cosmic energy, sitting and allowing your energy to flow for at least 15 minutes per day will clear the pain and anger out more quickly. There is no magic number of minutes or hours that you need to spend to release what is keeping you from forgiving.  It is different for every person depending on how deep the wound is. The release in done in layers of how much you can handle. Having someone or some ones in your life that you have not forgiven, takes up a lot of energy, if you released it all at once, you would feel very incomplete and out of it. It would be very hard to function. When you release a little at a time, it gives you time to refill yourself with new ideas and self love to replace the ones you let go of.  WE DEFIANTLY WANT ANYONE WHO IS FEELING OUT OF CONTROL WITH THEIR ANGER TO GET PROFESSIONAL HELP.

Spirit Guides:  “ Lexa, you cannot teach what you don’t practice. It is time for you to sit and run your energy. We will have more for you tomorrow or maybe later if we feel you are ready.”

How to stop being let down by other people.

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It is cold and rainy here is sunny southern California. I have a big pot of beef stew on the stove smelling great while I let my guides give us some new info…  (I am going to try my hand at dumplings on top of the stew when I am finished here.)

At one time or another everyone feels let down by people in their lives.  I started thinking that we can’t be let down if we don’t have expectations of them. However, how the heck do we keep from having expectations?

Spirit Guides: You are on the right track here. There are times when you need other people to help you in your life, and quite often, humans do not ask for help. They expect the people in their lives to know what they need and expect them to meet their needs. So for starters, let people know when you do have expectations or they will fail and you will be hurt.

When you do have an expectation that is not serving you, one thing to do is to look at what need you have that is not being met and why you think you need this need met through a particular person. As you look at this need, you may start to realize that this is something you already hold within you and may find you don’t need outside help at all.

Being able to let go of expectations and accept people the exact way they are at the exact moment is possible. You will have a hard time letting go of your expectations of others if you think or say things like, “I would never treat them that way,” or “My friend Suzy would never act like that.” With thought like this you have moved into comparing and judging. Letting judgment go, will help you let the expectation go. Whenever you have an expectation, you can tell yourself that you are deciding not to have any expectations for this person and if they do something more than the normal, see it as a gift.  You can use your grounding cord to send the expectation down, or put the expectation in a rose and destroy the rose. Making the conscious decision to let the expectation go is the first step that will lead into less and less expectations and away from further disappointments.