Posted October 9th, 2015 by lexa and filed in Guided Writings

Oct, 9 2009 5:19 a.m. they have been poking me since 3:30, I tried to blame it on having to go to the bathroom, got up and went and they did not quit. They are saying we humans do this all the time, get a poke to listen to our spiritual guidance and consciously choose not to.

Me: I know things go much more smoothly when I do listen. I wonder when I will give in and just do it. (I feel like a Nike commercial)

Spirit Guides:  There is life after death, the human body is very temporary. We use it to gain knowledge and understanding. When a spirit is ready, has prepared itself for what life holds by taking earth school so to speak, it chooses a place to be born where it can learn the things it has chosen to learn. Part of the lessons will include the people who have signed up to teach them to the spirit. If you had a mom in one life time that worked well with you, you might choose to be with her again, although she may not be your mom this time around, she may be your dad, cousin, or best friend and may not come into your life until you hit a certain age a maturity that you decide on before you get here. No matter how we feel or what we believe about incarnating on a physical level does not effect our spirits incarnations. We make the choice to forget what we have learned up until the time of our birth in our current lives so that we can start fresh. If we remembered everything we had done as a spirit, it would hinder our growth this time around. We would have preconceived ideas and notions of what to expect and what to do in certain situations. Just because these ideas and notions worked for our growth in past experiences, does not mean they will work for this trip to earth. A spirit sees incarnations like grades of school. It starts in preschool and then moves up. The overall lesson is unconditional love. (They say there will be another lesson on what unconditional love encompasses) Some people may repeat the same grade many times if they can’t seem to conquer what they choose to learn. Spirit/God has no judgment on how many times you try to learn a lesson. He supports us completely until we do get it. He does not punish or reprimand.

We also choose teachers that we want to help us when we are in our incarnation. We may choose some that are famous teachers and spiritual leaders, and we may choose some that look like completely common folks. These common folk can be very advanced spirits that come and go in your life to help you at the times you need help, whether or not you know you need it. The most important thing to remember about your life in a human body is that you are never alone spiritually. No matter how desperate you get, no matter how bad things seem, the situation is always designed for your growth. You are given no lessons you can’t handle and you will come up stronger and be closer to unconditional love if you allow the lesson to teach it to you.