Allow Yourself Receive

Posted May 5th, 2015 by lexa and filed in Guided Writings

72 Allow Yourself Receive

Last nights Intuitive and Spiritual Development Class that I teach was about allowing yourself to receive. I would like to share some of the things we looked at with you. The big questions were:

  • Do you allow yourself to receive?
  • Where might you have blocks keeping your from receiving the things you want or ask for?
  • Do you have programming that says, if someone gives you something you will have to pay for it somehow? I have some of that programming. I learned as a child that a gift was hardly ever a gift, it came with an expectation. I would hear things like, I bought you a new dress and you did do an extra chore around this house to show your gratitude. When you experience that kind of gift giving, you stop or slow down allowing yourself to receive. Not just dresses, but that other things in life you want like love, friends, money or just about anything else. If you take a minute to think that maybe, just maybe, you are blocking the things you want and are asking for, and look to see how and why you are blocking the, you might be surprised at what you find. Then, you can decide to stop blocking and start receiving.

The best two ways I have found to find these blocks is by sitting quietly, look at myself with the help of my spiritual support group to get answers or take the easy way, let someone else do it. In class we trade readings with each other to find the blocks we can’t see ourselves. Find an intuitive you trust and let that person give you a reading to open the doors to allow yourself to receive.

Something else you might want to look at is if you are open to the universe providing what you want from any where it needs to come from, or are you only allowing yourself to receive from one source? My mantra for receiving is this: Thank you that the things I want and need are coming to me with ease and grace, with no strings attached, from any source that serves my highest and best interest.