How Do We Stay Grounded and Neutral in a Crisis?

Posted April 21st, 2015 by lexa and filed in Guided Writings

Funny how this information comes to me, I was in the bathroom this morning wondering what topic to ask or channel about when I heard that voice in my head say, ask how to stay in control and not freak out in a crisis or uncomfortable situation.

Let’s see what they have to say…

Spirit Guides: Anytime humans are faced with a crisis or uncomfortable situation, something like a car wreck, a loved one getting hurt, losing their job, or even having someone say really mean things it can be hard to stay neutral and grounded. By neutral we mean not reacting without thinking, not jumping in the car to go to the hospital without your shoes on or not yelling at the person saying the mean things. By not being grounded when mean, your spirit not staying in your body. When someone goes into shock, their spirit leaves their body, that it why so many people report being above their body and seeing them in the wreck. The spirit has left the body to disconnect from the situation. It is much easier to handle the situation when you are connected to and part of the body. When the body, mind and spirit are all working together, you get better results.

There are two simple things to do in any kind of situation:

  • Take a couple of slow deep breaths. This slows down your adrenalin and moves the fear out of your mind making it easier to access the situation.
  • Call for your spiritual support group to help.

Taking time to work on keeping you grounded and neutral in all situations through meditation and using the two steps above will help your entire life move with more ease and grace and help you remember to breath and call for help when you encounter a crisis.

Note from Lexa: My Finding Peace & Harmony CD has a guided meditation that teaches how to ground and stay grounded as well as how to become more neutral to the situations in your life.