Meditation like company meetings?

Posted February 24th, 2015 by lexa and filed in Guided Writings
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RAIN in So Cal again! How does that keep happening?  I am really glad it is not snow!!!

I had a reading with a client yesterday and my guides shared some interesting information about meditation. They told her that not meditating was like not having company meetings.  They said that if you don’t hold regular meetings to keep everyone in your company on the same page, the company will not do well. If you don’t meditate to keep everyone in your spiritual support group on the same page, you will not do well. Life will be more of a struggle. Meditating just like a company meeting gets the whole working together much more efficiently. Let’s see what my guides want to add…

Spirit Guides: Meditating really is a very simple habit to get into. Start with 10 minutes per day, if you can set aside 10 minutes per day at the same time, even better. Meditation does not have to be hard or boring. You can attach a grounding cord and give yourself 10 minutes of quiet time to allow stress to fall down your grounding cord. Or you can go into meditation with a question and listen, watch or allow yourself to know the answer. Everyone experiences spirits differently, some see in their minds eye, some feel spirit; some simply know spirit is there. There is no right or wrong. Whatever your experience, it is always a beautiful connection to spirit. After you get in the habit of your special time with spirit each day, you will notice how much more peace and ease you find in your life. You will notice that things you want come to you much more quickly and effortlessly. So, take time for your meetings with spirit, we promise you will be glad you do!

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