The Truth WILL Set You Free

Posted March 4th, 2015 by lexa and filed in Guided Writings

The Truth WILL Set You Free

I am reading Deborah King’s book “The Truth Heals, What you hide can hurt you. ”I am impressed by her as a healer, a writer and a human. Deborah came from sexual abuse that she hid for many years. She was actually taught as a child to lie! She points out that keeping something painful hidden, causes pain. It causes our energy centers to shut down, which then causes disease. I know not everyone has had such a traumatic situation in their lives as Debra, but reading her book made me wonder if many people are sitting on other issues to protect themselves or others, that are causing them to be sick? I am hoping my Spirit Guides will expound on this topic….

Spirit Guides: We find that many people are hiding things that they feel guilty about. Things that they had no responsibility in making happen, like being molested as a child and feeling or being told that it is their fault. The hidden item can be less severe such as someone you loved telling you that you are stupid. Covering up a lie can cause its own kind of pain and disease. Quite often, they don’t even realize they have buried the situation, because they buried it deep enough to not remember consciously. However, your subconscious and your energy field always knows, everything you do or have done to you is stored in both places. This information causes blocks that keep your energy from flowing properly, which keeps you from being healthy emotionally, physically and spiritually.

If you are reading this, it means that you are looking to advance your life on all or some of those levels, and that giving yourself permission to talk about the lie in a safe place, like a therapist or healer’s office (or to a best friend who will not judge) will help you let the lie out, heal and advance in the areas where you want to grow. If you have “that feeling” that something happened to you that you have buried, the best thing you can do is to decide to allow the “thing” to surface. Giving the thing permission to surface will allow it to bubble up for you. It may come all at once or it may come in little pieces. However it comes to you, please remember that you have your spiritual support group to help you understand, heal and make peace with the situation.

Lexa, you know that we bring things like this into your life when you need to look at something similar. Getting you to Debra King’s workshop and having her book land in your lap the way it did was no easy task for us since you are fighting seeing what happened when you were a child.  We know that you know you are safe to be able to allow it to surface so that you can make peace with it, move it out of your energy field and put it to rest. We see the tears running down your face and know that you know we are on to something here. If we did not love you so much, we would not be pushing you look at this. Facing this will make you a stronger more centered person in all areas of your life.