Do You Believe Life Has To Be Hard?

Posted May 1st, 2015 by lexa and filed in Guided Writings
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I realized that I grew up being told and shown that life was hard, shown that any good thing takes hard, hard work. As my life has gone on I have noticed that there are people who don’t belief that life is hard and good things come to them easily and effortlessly.

I can’t wait to see what my guides have to say…

Spirit Guides: Life does not have to be hard, it is a choice. It is up to each individual to decide if life is going to be hard or easy and to decide what hard and easy means to them personally. Are you choosing to see the glass half full or half empty? If you find that your life is hard and that your glass is always half empty, would you like to change it? Would you like your life to be easy and plentiful? Here are some tips on how to make the shift to easy:

  • Decide you want to shift.
  • Decide you believe a shift is possible, if you don’t really believe it, pretend!
  • Ask your spiritual support group to support you by helping you see the easy and the plentiful in everything.
  • Use your grounding cord to stay grounded and present and release old beliefs about life being hard.

Try to make a conscious effort to shift with the above tips everyday for at least a week and see what great things happen for you!

Note from Lexa: You can learn how to create and use an energetic grounding cord along with other great tools for creating your life the way you want it in my Finding Peace & Harmony guided meditation CD or downloadable MP3.