Good Times Versus Not So Good Times. February 22, 2010 p.m.

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It is Monday morning and my husband and I have made it a whole 6 days being empty nesters. We are enjoying behaving like teenagers madly in love. Life is grand. (Except for my car being in the shop.)

Spirit Guides:  We know it feels good to feel good. Seize happy moments; hold them in your heart and bring them up when times are not-so-good. Bringing those happy feelings up will help the not- so-good feel better. It will be easier to get through those not -so-good times. We also challenge you to look deeper into the bad times when you are in them, to see the good that is coming out of the situation, or to see the good that could come out of the situation. I know we have said it before, but some of the best lessons and growth come out of the not-so-good times. Try taking a few minutes to sit quietly and let the good times that have drifted away come back.  As they come back, ask yourself what you can do to hold the good times even closer to your heart, so that those memories stay fresh all the time. The more you put your attention on the good times, the more good times there will be.

Finding the Good in the Bad (some more)

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It is Tuesday morning and I did not do a guided writing yesterday because I was beat. We spent the weekend replacing a leaky water heater and pulling down wet drywall in both the garage and the interior of our home. It makes me wonder why we have to go through that kind of crap, are there accidents are do things like that happen on purpose?

Spirit Guides: As we have said before, every experience teaches lessons that you need to learn. Did spirit decide to have your water heater give out? No, but it did roll into a great lesson. Even though this seemed like a bad thing, is it really? What good came out of it? Did you notice who stepped up to help you? Did you notice how much time you and your husband got to spend together? Did you notice how much more physical activity you got than you would have? (I am still noticing that, my body still hurts) Did you notice that the water heater is safer and more efficient, wasting less of your natural resources? Did you notice that the money you spent helped kick up the economy a little? Did you notice that even when you thought you could not do one more thing that you found the strength to keep going? ANYTIME any thing bad happens, decide to see the good in it and you will feel better about it.

Do We Really Create Our Own Reality?

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It is Monday morning and I had a great weekend. I went to see It’s Complicated, twice! Once with my husband and once by myself. SOOOO funny! I keep hearing people say that we create   our own reality. If that is true, there are some things I would like to un-create and some other things I would like to create that I have not managed to do yet. I am hoping my spirit guides will shine some light on this.

Spirit Guides:  You do create your own reality. HOWEVER, you don’t create quite as much in the physical moment as you might think.  Before you take a human body, you decide with the help of your spiritual council, (your spiritual group that helps you choose your life plan) what you want to learn once your spirit joins a human body. Orchestrating these lessons is no easy task. You and your council decide who the “players” will be in your life plan. The players, or people you will work with have to choose to be on board, and your lessons have to fit their lessons. The plans you make with other souls we call agreements. Just because you have an agreement with someone before you get to earth, does not mean you will follow through with all of them. In most cases you have the freedom to choose not to spend time with a particular person who was signed up to help you with your lessons. You always have the right to look at your agreements with others and let them go or change them. (Lexa you teach a class on this and read these agreements for others, you may want to re-examine this for yourself.) You can meditate to get your own answers or get a reading with a spiritual intuitive that connects with your spiritual agreements.

So yes, you do create your own reality, and if you want to change it, you might look at what agreements you made before you got to earth that are keeping you where you feel stuck, or keeping you from creating what you think you want now. After looking at these agreements you may decide that you are on the right track and choose not to change anything.