What is it About Dogs? (and Cats)

Posted April 14th, 2015 by lexa and filed in Guided Writings
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My husband and I went to Vegas on Saturday to pick up our two new dogs. That makes a total of four – I am back to being the crazy lady on the block with the most dogs. In my defense the four dogs have a total weight of 16 pounds which is not even the total of one “regular” dog. The two new girls are toy longhair Chihuahuas. They are dreamy and loving. We are so enjoying them. As I was out and about today, I saw so many people with dogs. I wondered what it is about them that make us love them so much. I am curious to see what my Spirit Guides say.

Spirit Guides: How could you not love a dog, any dog, they radiate love from every cell. Lexa, we think what you are asking is, what it is we learn from dogs? Dogs are one of the easiest ways to learn about unconditional love. Dogs bring out the best and the worst in humans. It can be very difficult to be patient potty training a dog when it is harming your floors and furniture. Learning to be patient and consistent with a dog is a great way to learn to be patient and consistent with other humans. Of course, we can’t leave out cats. Cats are a whole other lesson!  They teach how to be solid in your sense of self as well as be independent and at the same time allowing the universe (humans) to meet their daily needs of food and shelter. There is a lot to learn from both dogs and cats. We recommend that anyone who has the time and money to commit to an animal finds one that matches their needs to enjoy learning on an entirely different level.