How Long are You Going to Wait to be Happy?

Posted June 8th, 2015 by lexa and filed in Guided Writings
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I see so many people (including myself sometimes) who are waiting for the “thing” to happen that will make their life better—be it a relationship, money, better health or whatever. They have decided that until this “thing” happens, they can’t be completely happy. Of course, I would like my guides to help here.

Spirit Guides: We see a lot of people who put their happiness on hold, while they wait for it to come to them or try to find it. Could it be that the hunt for the happy life has taken over and clouded you being able to see how great your life is right now? Could it be that you are so focused on that thing that you are not allowing it to come?  What if you chose to decide that you are happy now, and that everything is exactly as it should be?

If your car was stuck in the mud, would it do any good to keep pressing the gas and digging in deeper, or would it be more effective to decide to enjoy some time not going anywhere, wait for the mud to dry and drive the car once the mud dried? We find that people do this with their lives. They don’t let the situation they are in be complete before they push for the next big thing. Can you decide to be content where you are? If you can, the thing you’re looking for might show up right before your eyes.