How to Take Huge Easy Steps to Forgiveness

Posted April 28th, 2015 by lexa and filed in Guided Writings
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When I sat down to write my Tuesday Night Intuitive and Spiritual Development Class, I had my guides give me some information on forgiveness that I would like to share with you, they posed a few questions for me to ask the class and I expounded:

What if you decide to change your view of the people who hurt you the most in two ways?  (This could help you to forgive them…)

  1. What if you set up that relationship? What if you asked them to treat you the way you did so you could learn the lessons you needed to learn? I set up a
    Dad who was emotionally unavailable. He also provided the minimum
    amount of financial assistance he could get away. Why did I pick a Dad
    like this? So that I could learn to be a responsible person on a different level than I ever have. So that I could learn to validate myself on a different level than I ever have. For me at this point, I am glad he was selfless enough to do what he did for me.
  1. What if you were aware of what this person going through when they were in your life? My Dad was so wounded and unloved as a child that he had nothing to draw from to give to me and it was all he could do to survive himself. What
    will change for you as you look at where the other person was coming
    from? For me, at this point, I am pleased that he was at least able to
    provide me with a physical body to learn my lessons through.

What the class did was to allow me to guide them through moving the energy off of the relationship and look to see the answers to the above questions. It gave healing to everyone and has already made a significant difference in their area of forgiveness to themselves and others. I encourage you to look at the same questions and see if you don’t find the answers helpful to you!

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