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I feel compelled to “teach” and connect with Angels for my Intuitive and Spiritual Development Class tonight. I am wondering what my guides can share with me about Angels that will be important to pass on to my class?

Spirit Guides: Angels are a part of your lives just like breathing is. You don’t have to see or acknowledge them, they are simply with you always, guiding, protecting, healing and nurturing. Does it help to communicate with your Angels on a conscious level? Of course! The clearer the channels of communication you have with your Angels, the clearer your communication in all aspects of your life will be. You are always talking with them on a spiritual level even if you don’t have conscious memories of it. Angels cannot get in the way of your free will, but they can divert you from potentially dangerous situations if you agree on a spiritual level that it is o.k. with you. Many of you have read stories about Angels pulling someone from a wreck in the middle of it happening, just before the person was hurt. They could not have done this if the person had said no.

We challenge you to take at least 20 minutes to sit and talk with your Angels. We suggest you close your eyes, invite them in to be seen by your minds eye and ask them questions that you have prepared ahead of time or that come up as you talk with them. We promise that as you carve out time to spend in conversation with your Angels, your life will become more peaceful and full.

Breathing and the human body will not last forever, Angels will.

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  1. Esther says:

    I know what you are saying is true; my problem is REMEMBERING these things… I get so caught up in the busyness of life. When Troy and I were in Europe several years ago, I instantly felt at home as if I lived there before. I am wired for their lifestyle. Long siestas every afternoon to rejuvenate, and then a late dinner and enjoying the evening w/o having to rush from fatigue. I guess I’m saying that my current pace does not fit my energy; yet, I feel I “must” do the things I do because my kids are young, and they need what they need. Straighten me out, please!