Does God Ever Let Us Down?

Posted December 11th, 2015 by lexa and filed in Guided Writings
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I was talking with a friend about times we felt let down by God. The times we thought he should have stepped in and helped. I asked my Spirit Guides to help.

Spirit Guides: There are so many people angry with God for not giving them what they think they need, or for not keeping a situation from happening. If God stepped in all those times you wanted to in order to make things easier for you, he would not be serving you at all. You would not be learning the lessons you choose to learn, you would not be able to complete your journeys as quickly. Those of you who are parents know how painful it is to watch your children learn what you think is the hard way, but you know that in order to for your children to become independent, loving, functional people you have to allow them to learn the way they learn best. God honors everyone by giving them the space to learn how they want to learn. You would be surprised to know how many times GOD removes obstacles from your path that would really really hang you up to let you get the lessons you are at a point you can handle. You are always supported in the most unconditional loving way possible, and as you allow yourself to accept this truth, you will find much more contentment in your life as well as see others lives more complete than you previously realized.

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