How to Find More Peace in Your Life

Posted December 10th, 2015 by lexa and filed in Guided Writings
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I had someone ask me what I wanted for Christmas. As I pondered that question, I really could not come up with anything I needed and the things I wanted were minimal. I realized that I don’t feel I feel real lack in my life on any level, and let me tell you, is has not always been this way. I have an amazing relationship with my husband and family, wonderful friendships, I love my work and feel content most of the time. This does not mean that there is not an occasional speed bump or pothole on this peaceful road I have driven onto, but those bumps are so much easier to handle or accept than they used to be.

I am so grateful to be at this place in my life and am not completely sure how I got here, I have a few ideas of what worked for me, but I want to ask my guides to point out some things that will help any and everyone on their journey for peace.

Spirit Guides: Peace is the quest or part of the quest that most people are on. The biggest thing that will keep you from not having peace is not having a connection with your spiritual self. Having that connection connects you to what ever you want to call God, creator, Supreme Being, the all, higher power or whatever works for you. God is not attached to any name; he is attached to supporting every human being on their search for peace and love. To open up to your spiritual self, give yourself the gift of taking time to sit quietly and talk to God. Call it prayer, meditation, yoga or whatever word works for you. You will find that God does not just listen, he communicates as well. People receive Gods communication on a variety of levels. The best thing we can say is to trust yourself, if you have information coming through to you, whether hearing it, knowing it, feeling it or seeing it, if it does not resound with you, throw it out. God’s messages come from complete love, he will never say YOU HAVE TO DO ANYTHING, (some people may interpret suggestions as having to do it) God will make loving suggestions to help you find the peace and harmony you are looking for.

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