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I feel compelled to “teach” and connect with Angels for my Intuitive and Spiritual Development Class tonight. I am wondering what my guides can share with me about Angels that will be important to pass on to my class?

Spirit Guides: Angels are a part of your lives just like breathing is. You don’t have to see or acknowledge them, they are simply with you always, guiding, protecting, healing and nurturing. Does it help to communicate with your Angels on a conscious level? Of course! The clearer the channels of communication you have with your Angels, the clearer your communication in all aspects of your life will be. You are always talking with them on a spiritual level even if you don’t have conscious memories of it. Angels cannot get in the way of your free will, but they can divert you from potentially dangerous situations if you agree on a spiritual level that it is o.k. with you. Many of you have read stories about Angels pulling someone from a wreck in the middle of it happening, just before the person was hurt. They could not have done this if the person had said no.

We challenge you to take at least 20 minutes to sit and talk with your Angels. We suggest you close your eyes, invite them in to be seen by your minds eye and ask them questions that you have prepared ahead of time or that come up as you talk with them. We promise that as you carve out time to spend in conversation with your Angels, your life will become more peaceful and full.

Breathing and the human body will not last forever, Angels will.

Why work with Spirit Guides?

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Why work with Spirit Guides?

I have had many people ask me why I talk with my spirit guides instead of going directly to the big gun (God, Source, Creator, Supreme Being just to name a few). I thought I would let my Spirit Guides go crazy with this one…

Spirit Guides: We thought you would never ask! It is true that God is all knowing and is everywhere at once; however, he has set up what we consider to be an amazing spiritual support group to assist you. The one thing all spirits are working on is unconditional love. We spirit guides are working on that same unconditional love on a different level than humans. We learned all we could about unconditional love when we had our human bodies, and this is a step for us to learn more. We are given access to all the information we need to help whomever is our human or humans we are working with. God is always available to you, and is waiting to assist you in any way you ask. By letting us help you on this level, in a way, you free God up to more fully put his attention on the big crisis’s. (Even though God is always aware of what is going on in your life and connected with you) We are not saying to let go of the connection with God, but we do appreciate you letting us be the middlemen.

Is time really moving more quickly?

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It is getting so close to Christmas. I like the excitement and wanted it to last longer, why is it that time continues to be moving more and more quickly?

Spirit Guides: Time is an interesting thing to us as to how humans perceive it. To us, their really is no time, things get done when they get done. We would love for human beings to get to that point. We realize that having a physical body has some specific demands that can’t be put off, like eating, drinking, sleeping and exercising.  Sleeping and exercising are two things that too many people put off. If you would sleep regularly and exercise, believe it or not, you would be able to get more done more efficiently than when you are sleep or exercise deprived. We hear many humans say that the older they get, the more quickly time moves. We don’t find this to be true. What we do see, is that the older you get, the more responsibilities you get that take up most of your time. Then fitting in some fun stuff takes up the rest of your time. You have very little down time, which can make time seem like it is moving faster, when reality it is not, you are just busier.

Here are a few tips that might help you “slow down time”.

  • Take time to meditate everyday, it will make a huge difference in how smoothly your days go.
  • Stop worrying, worry takes up way to much of human beings time. Remember to be in gratitude when worry comes up instead allowing yourself to worry.
  • Make a list of what you want and need to get done, see what can get taken off the list or moved to a later date, then prioritize and do one thing at a time; this efficiency will help streamline your day.

Remember that one reason to have a human body is to have fun with it!

Healing Yourself

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What do my guides want to talk about today?

Spirit Guides: We want to talk about healing yourself.  There are so many people struggling with emotional and physical problems that seem unmanageable to them. We want to remind you that everything you are experiencing in your life is manageable and usually curable. We will always recommend that you see a doctor for your issues, simply to make sure they are not life threatening. What we don’t recommend is making the assumption that a Doctor or any other kind of healer can heal you. You are the only one who can heal you. If you don’t first decide that you are ready to be healed, no amount of healing energy, medicines or remedies can heal you, they can temporarily numb the pain, but they can’t heal it.  The first step to take is making the solid decision that you are done with your pain or dis-ease. This may be all some people need; others may have been in pain or dis-ease so long, that it may take a little more time and effort to be completely healed. Here are some things we suggest you try to help with the healing of yourself:

  • Own that there is a problem that needs to be dealt with.
  • Get a diagnosis as to what the problem is.
  • Ask yourself if this is your mind or body calling for more attention from you.(are you to busy to spend time with youself)
  • Find time to sit quietly to ask and allow your spiritual support group to give you healings and enlightenment on what is going on.
  • Ask your spiritual support group to show you if there is something you need to learn in order to let the pain or dis-ease go.
  • Find out where the dis-ease started and why you held onto it instead of letting it go. Sometimes seeing this allows you to realize you don’t want it and let it go.
  • Trust that you are supported in your healing process that you can and are healing.
  • Give thanks that everyday you become more pain free and complete.

There is your not much your  spiritual support group wants more for you, than for you to be happy, healthy and prosperous in all areas of your life. We are ready and waiting anytime you want to talk.

How can we know when we are supposed to go forward with things we feel we should do or throw in the towel?

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I have a couple things in my life that I am in the middle of that I “feel” that I am supposed to be doing. However, I am stuck as to how to go forward. I started to wonder, if I am stuck, does that mean I am not really supposed to be doing these things? My question to my guides is this: How do we know when we are supposed to go forward with things we feel we should do or throw in the towel?

Spirit Guides: If you are feeling stuck with not knowing how or if you are supposed to move forward with a project, a friendship, or whatever is coming up for you, we have some questions to ask yourself.

  1. Does this serve my highest and best interest?
  2. Does this serve the highest and best interest of others involved?
  3. Is this serving my ego or my higher good?
  4. Am I able to do this with ease?

When you are doing things that are in alignment with your spiritual path, they will happen with ease. Don’t get ease confused with timing. If what you are attempting is hitting some roadblocks, there are two things that could be happening, one is that it is not time yet, the other is that you need to stop putting your energy into this particular project.

After you have honestly answered these questions and decided that yes, you do need to go forward and are still feeling stuck take time to sit down a talk intuitively with your spiritual support group.  Ask specific questions, the clearer the question, the clearer we can answer you. Don’t just ask if this is the right path for you, ask why and what steps you can take to go forward with ease.

Does God Ever Let Us Down?

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I was talking with a friend about times we felt let down by God. The times we thought he should have stepped in and helped. I asked my Spirit Guides to help.

Spirit Guides: There are so many people angry with God for not giving them what they think they need, or for not keeping a situation from happening. If God stepped in all those times you wanted to in order to make things easier for you, he would not be serving you at all. You would not be learning the lessons you choose to learn, you would not be able to complete your journeys as quickly. Those of you who are parents know how painful it is to watch your children learn what you think is the hard way, but you know that in order to for your children to become independent, loving, functional people you have to allow them to learn the way they learn best. God honors everyone by giving them the space to learn how they want to learn. You would be surprised to know how many times GOD removes obstacles from your path that would really really hang you up to let you get the lessons you are at a point you can handle. You are always supported in the most unconditional loving way possible, and as you allow yourself to accept this truth, you will find much more contentment in your life as well as see others lives more complete than you previously realized.

How to Find More Peace in Your Life

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I had someone ask me what I wanted for Christmas. As I pondered that question, I really could not come up with anything I needed and the things I wanted were minimal. I realized that I don’t feel I feel real lack in my life on any level, and let me tell you, is has not always been this way. I have an amazing relationship with my husband and family, wonderful friendships, I love my work and feel content most of the time. This does not mean that there is not an occasional speed bump or pothole on this peaceful road I have driven onto, but those bumps are so much easier to handle or accept than they used to be.

I am so grateful to be at this place in my life and am not completely sure how I got here, I have a few ideas of what worked for me, but I want to ask my guides to point out some things that will help any and everyone on their journey for peace.

Spirit Guides: Peace is the quest or part of the quest that most people are on. The biggest thing that will keep you from not having peace is not having a connection with your spiritual self. Having that connection connects you to what ever you want to call God, creator, Supreme Being, the all, higher power or whatever works for you. God is not attached to any name; he is attached to supporting every human being on their search for peace and love. To open up to your spiritual self, give yourself the gift of taking time to sit quietly and talk to God. Call it prayer, meditation, yoga or whatever word works for you. You will find that God does not just listen, he communicates as well. People receive Gods communication on a variety of levels. The best thing we can say is to trust yourself, if you have information coming through to you, whether hearing it, knowing it, feeling it or seeing it, if it does not resound with you, throw it out. God’s messages come from complete love, he will never say YOU HAVE TO DO ANYTHING, (some people may interpret suggestions as having to do it) God will make loving suggestions to help you find the peace and harmony you are looking for.

Staying in the Loving and Giving Holiday Spirit All Year

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9:06 p.m.

Spirit Guides:
We of course want to talk about the Holidays and the great things they bring out in people. We love to watch the Holiday rush. Along with the stress you all can feel of trying to get so much done, is an underlying love. We see people doing so much for others, putting others first and taking their time and money to help those in need. This is really what the holidays are about. On an energetic level, this love changes the world; it raises the “vibration” or overall feelings of almost everyone. As humans beings as a collective put their time and energy into loving and giving on a more conscious level, it flows out into the universe and helps nearly everyone feel better. The more this feeling of love continues to rise, the easier it will become for all countries and people to co-exist.

We would like to challenge you to bring this loving and giving into your everyday life, not just at the Holidays, but all year long. Can you imagine what the world would be like if everyone gave so freely of themselves all of the time.

Abusive Relationships

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8:00 a.m.

I have been having clients and friends who are  sad and worried about friends or loved ones in abusive relationships.  I know many people, including myself, who can’t understand why their friends or loved ones stay in abusive relationships and I hope my spirit guides can help us all…

Spirit Guides: It is very hard to watch someone you love make what you think are making the same mistakes over and over and over again. You feel like your friends or loved ones  can’t find any self worth when they continue to be in these kinds of relationships. Maybe that is true, maybe it is not. Everyone learns at different speeds and in different ways. How many times have you heard the same thing, like if you are running low on energy, take vitamin B, before you finally thought, Oh, I have heard that before, maybe I should try it. Your friends or loved ones are learning , just not at your speed.  Let’s look at another part of this equation, KARMA. You do not know what your friend or loved one has done in past lives to “deserve” this kind of treatment and you don’t know what kind of spiritual agreements they have with the people they are in the relationship with.

There is always a bigger picture than as a human you can see. Decide to find peace in allowing your friends or loved ones to be where they are without any judgment from you. Know that they are getting is what they need or their spiritual support group would intervene.

How to Heal Your Body

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9 a.m.

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving and ate too much like I did. I was trying to decide on a topic and my Spirit Guides made it clear that they had their own agenda. Let’s see what they have to say…

Spirit Guides: Good morning all, we wish you much joy on this beautiful morning. We want to talk about being grateful for your body. It is the only one you get this lifetime and if you don’t enjoy, appreciate and take care it, you might loose it sooner than you planned on. Your body is the vessel your spirit choose to learn its lessons through. We know that some of you are having physical problems with the body and want to remind you that the roots of these physical problems including the brain, (anxiety, depression, bi-polar and etc.) are from emotional wounding or lack of spiritual contact (from this or past lives). You can get therapy (someone trained to help with life issues) or go to a spiritual counselor (a psychic or clairvoyant that connects with spirit to help you find the issues core) to find out what the emotional wounding or spiritual block is if you don’t already know. Once you know the problem you can work on releasing it. For example, You may feel sick at your stomach and can’t figure out why. All you do know is that you worry about everything. No matter what you do, you worry. This worry has physically become stomach problems. It is letting you know that you have something you need to look at. Maybe a parent worried all the time and you are continuing with their issue or maybe you had a past life that was dangerous and required worry and caution to stay safe. Once you figure out the issue and start letting it go, you open yourself to become physically healed. Once you are ready to let go of the physical pain and don’t feel it leaving, we would like you to try this. Thank the pain for giving you the awareness that something needed looked at on an emotional or spiritual level. Tell it that it did a great job and that it can go now. You may have to repeat this process several times, whenever the pain pops up, thank it and let it know it is finished with its job and can leave. PLEASE TAKE TIME TO SIT WITH YOUR SPIRIT GUIDES AND ANGELS TO ASK FOR AND RECEIVE HEALINGS.